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Living Gracefully With The Millers


We offer a home environment for your loved ones Hospice needs.  They will be surrounded by a beautiful home environment that offers peace, love and compassion.  From the people to the animals we are here to support our residents, their family and friends through this transition.  We are  a diverse and supportive home that will honor and respect all backgrounds and belief systems. 

Relationships are vital

Come for a visit, stay for dinner!  With the home environment we offer, you can come and visit as you would if your loved one was in their own home and independent.  We are here to support the life our residents would choose if they were on their own.  We can host dinners, birthdays, anniversary's and holidays. Anything you would normally celebrate as  a family we would love to discuss and make it a memorable event!

Animal therapy

Our home is full of fur babies that want to love and snuggle everyone.  We rescue bottle baby kittens and other small animals.  Several have chosen to make this their forever home and are all loving and gentle.  They love a warm lap to sit in.  If you or your loved one has a pet already we can discuss on a case by case basis their integration to our home.  Outside we have chipmunks, birds, squirrels, raccoons, deer, turkeys and occasionally bears come through.

Safety is a priority

David Miller is an instructor for Krav Maga.  It is an Israeli form or self-defense.  He has trained for 6 years in this form of self-defense.  It ensures the safety of our people whether we are out in public or in the home.  Some of the different trainings he has been through or taught include: Women's self-defense, home invasion, mass casualty, active shooter/stabbing, children's self-defense and adaptive self-defense.

In case of Emergency

Jeana Miller is a American Heart Association CPR, First Aid and AED instructor.  She has been in emergency medicine as a volunteer for over 25 years. She is also a certified K9 handler for search and rescue.  She and her K9 Gator, who lives in the home, find missing people in different environments including: Wilderness, water and disaster situations. They help in the recovery of missing adults, children and disabled people.


We operate the home as a family.  Everyone in the house has a job and we work together to provide the most positive atmosphere we can.  We have several back-up providers that come in to give the family a break now and then. They are usually the same people, any new staff that comes on board is trained on each individual and their needs.  They fill in seamlessly in our absence and become part of the family.